Superior Billing

Sound practices lead to superior results. In simple terms this means deploying a highly effective reimbursement strategy. At Cornerstone your reimbursement does not begin with the submission of a claim. It begins with a clearly defined plan. Once your unique requirements and demands are understood, they are integrated into our adaptive billing model.

As you can see our billing model is focused on you with a core belief in a separation of duties. We have found that this approach maximizes your cash flow. From the quality assurance performed in pre-billing to the coding of clean claims, comprehensive follow-up and daily payment reconciliations, this is why every employee at Cornerstone is certified through the National Academy of Ambulance Coding (NAAC).


Get it right the first time.

This is the key to quick turnaround and reliable cash flow. To make that happen you need a robust system of pre-billing verifications. We call this Dual-Phase Quality Assurance.

The moment we receive your PCR data, whether electronically or on paper, our analysts manually review all data sets for compliance and accuracy. Whether it is correct patient demographics, membership verification, or the overall quality of your documentation, this human touch makes the difference.

Joseph Madzelan, Deputy Chief of Manchester Township

Clean Claims / Interfacing

We have the technology and relationships with Medicare, Medicaid, leading commercial carriers, and receiving facilities to interface with their databases and ensure clean claims. Confirming that patient information is accurate decreases your aged receivables while increasing your cash flow.

Frank Kenavan, Executive Director of Warwick Community Ambulance Association

Once all information sets are complete and verified, a claim can be created. Based largely on the events written into the narrative, our specialists create these claims utilizing the most current industry billing and AR management software.

If for any reason a claim remains unpaid after progressing through these initial stages, we will engage Full Cycle Revenue Recovery.