Secure Client Login / Reporting

As a Cornerstone EMS and ambulance billing client you have your own secure virtual workspace. Included is a dashboard summarizing your core data with additional reports providing a greater level of detail according to several commonly referenced parameters.

Other key features within the workspace are the ability to access settlement reports, archived reports, and upload PCRs and trip-related data, like hospital face sheets, signature forms, membership lists, and other pertinent files.

To keep you abreast of the latest industry news, you will have access to a library of legal updates, forms/templates, OIG Advisory Opinions, Trip Tips, and FAQs.

For a live demo of our secure client workspace, please contact us at 866.724.4142.


On-Demand Reporting

Do your reports make sense? Are they easily accessible?

Cornerstone has user-friendly reports that are clear and concise, showing you where your money is at all times. Whether high-level executive summaries for the board or a detailed account analysis for your frontline operational team, information is always available.

Because reporting is essential, we will work with you to develop a portfolio tailored to the needs of your organization. Reports are available daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually, as well as on-demand. For added convenience you always have the luxury of accessing your reports online through your own secure client workspace.

Client Dashboard Login

And as always, Cornerstone acknowledges your need for custom reports. These, like all other Cornerstone reports, come at no cost to you.