A Better Company

When it comes to superior EMS and ambulance billing solutions, you have multiple options to make the transition to Cornerstone seamless. We understand your concerns. It is a big decision. Everything is in place so you will rest easy.

Unlike other EMS billing companies, we guarantee your results. Simply put, we set a goal and we reach it. Period. If we fail to reach our guaranteed target or if for any reason you are not satisfied with our services you have the freedom to leave.

Joseph Madzelan, Deputy Chief of Manchester Township

We stake our reputation on performance just like you. Whether you are in the field or we are in the office, the standard remains the same. A 99% client retention rate attests to it.

"Minquas has always demanded a high level of performance from the companies it partners with. We began our relationship with Cornerstone over 15 years ago, and it isn’t a stretch to say our cash flow has remained one of the most consistent parts of our outsourcing solutions. Solid financial reports help to explain their performance, and our Client Service Advisor even created a custom e-PCR verification report to automate the tracking of outgoing trip sheets. As Minquas continues to grow, some things change, but it’s reassuring to know our billing partner remains as steady as ever."

Minquas Fire Company No. 2